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Committed to Inspiring Curiosity

Aegis Institute is a non-profit, affordible, private high school established to remodel education for the 21st century.  The same basic premise for learning has been in place for almost three thousand years with very little adjustment.  We believe that we can do better.  Today’s world is a rapidly changing place and the curricular guidelines fall behind more quickly than they are updated.  Academic rigor and standards diminish in the face of irrelevant course requirements and education degrees are replacing area expertise.  Moreover, as the world complexifies course design fragments and teachers lose sight of the big picture.  Aegis is here to rectify these problems with cohesive curricular design and unique standards that are updated with each iteration of a class.  No student will ever walk out of a class with the question “Why do I need to know math/science/history?” because they are woven into an essential fabric that empowers individuals to choose a destiny instead of being sifted into one by standardized testing.