Our Curriculum

Below is a tentative course catalogue.  Course descriptions, texts, and syllabi will eventually be linked. Our course framework is divided into three fundamental pillars: Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, all of which are intimately integrated into each other over the course of each year's trimester scaffolding.

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

9th grade will focus on building a strong background in math and science.  Students will be exposed to a broad range of cultures, philosophies, and artistic styles through their humanities class.  They will learn to work efficiently in various productively suites and how to program in python.  Students will see many cross disciplinary connections as they learn about science and technology and its influence in humanities, use programming techniques to compare genetic sequences from species in phylogenetics, utilize latex, word, and excel to create professional looking lab reports for physics, chemistry, and biology, and utilize the math they have learned in their first across all their other classes.