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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I donate to Aegis Institute's mission of better education for our Florida community and nation at large?

A: Aegis Institute is a registered non-profit organization. We rely on charitable donations to meet our mission goals to provide affordable, high-quality education for people of all socioeconomic situations. Presently, we do accept direct donations; however, we also have a digital donations portal which can be found on the "Donate" page or by following the link HERE.


Q: Does your school have a physical location/building?

A: We are working towards this goal. Starting a school with new models of advanced education, in many ways breaking from public school "standardized" models, is not an easy task to accomplish without broad local, state, and national support - financial and otherwise. We dream of having a "school" as such, but this is a long-term goal at present. Furthermore, given the present state of the world-wide pandemic, a physical location would not serve us and you well. Consequently, we are beginning our campaign for more affordable high-quality education via remote, digital methods. If you'd like to help in our dream to have a physical location for our school, please support us by donating or contacting us directly.


Q: What, in a nutshell, makes Aegis Institute's model of education unique from other public, private, and charter schools in the United States

A: Most of the curriculum currently used in public schools is approaching a century in age (or more) and teaches counterfactual, dated models in science and mathematics that constitute a 17th century antique. Perhaps the single greatest failing of modern education has been the narrow focus and scope of courses.

  • MODERN PUBLIC education has developed 

    • Physics WITHOUT calculus

    • Biology classes that memorize facts that are wholly useless outside of the class

    • History courses devoid of cultural, scientific, or philosophical components

    • No core curriculum focusing on art, music, or philosophy 


With experts in their field, Aegis Institute promotes a holistic understanding of the world. Students will see how the tides of history influence science and math and they will see how math and science make them better thinkers, writers, artists, and philosophers.

  • AEGIS INSTITUTE'S approach includes:

    • An inspired transition from methods of direct instruction (used primarily in the first and second year for core courses) to inquiry based learning with a focus on critical thinking and new research

    • An innovative curriculum with an integrative approach across similar and disparate disciplines

    • A commitment to the academic and scholarly success of both the student and teacher, promoting at all levels new and continued research (life-long scholarship)

    • A modern approach to technology and its integration into the classroom and individualize course work

    • A focused course of study, limiting the students attention to four intensive classes each trimester. 

    • An evaluative system and a schedule designed to promote and foster teamwork 

    • An evaluative system that writes its own letters of recommendation

    • Complete transparency


For more details on our curricula and approaches to education, see the "Academics" tab in the header above.


Presently, we hope to raise enough capital to open our doors to our first class of students in the Fall of 2022. Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling at Aegis Institute starting on or after Fall of 2022.