The shape of our stories affects everyone we meet and everything we do.  There is a Buddhist proverb: you touch nothing without that thing also touching you.  We are memorialized in our actions and our words in every minute of our own lives and in the lives of those we meet. 


To me, there is no greater memorial to a life than to continue to give the best of yourself through a scholarship/donation/foundation that will improve the lives of many young and yet unborn children.   All the people listed here have deeply influenced me and helped to find a stronger, fiercer kindness to confront world full of problems and difficulties.  I only hope that Aegis can live up to their collective wisdom.

* For donations of over 1000 dollars, we urge you to contact us directly through email.


Johanna Elizabeth Hove Scholarship and Fund

Johanna was my first very close friend.  We stayed best friends for 20 years.  We met in middle school and urged each other to ever more towering academic achievements.  She and I talked about Aegis when it was still in its most nascent stages 8 years prior.  Her life was cut tragically short a year later, but her story will live on in the myriad people she has impacted and in every life that Aegis will go on to affect.  


James Scott Berkovitz Scholarship and Fund

Scott was an extraordinary individual.  He was only 27 when he died and this happened only 2 months after Johanna's death.  Scott had had a dream all of his life of becoming a particular physicist and had just accepted a position at the LHC in graduate school working on the ATLAS project.  It meant the world to me to become a part of his loving family and to help him achieve this dream.  

Drew Bradbury Scholarship and Fund

An extraordinary child, son, and brother, Drew has touched the lives of many people very deeply.  Drew was born with a genetic anomaly that caused cystic fibrosis.  This made both his life and his family's life tremendously difficult; yet, even in the darkest moments some people help us to find the wings courage.  He helped his parents and sister grow as kind and loving people.  The lessons learned from his treatment have helped and the money raised in honor of his brief and beautiful life have helped tens of thousands of people the world over.  The work he helped begin has lifted the quality of life and life expectancy of someone with CF from 14 years when Drew was born to 44 years today.  

Carl and Scott.jpg

Carl Berkovitz Scholarship and Fund

Carl was a dear friend, an advocate for the underdog, an Airforce veteran, an avid proponent of the law and of improving the American legal system, and a father.   He spent his life dreaming of and working towards a more fair and equitable world in a variety of ways.  One of the things that he most often lamented to me was how conservative he was in his aspirations as a youth.  He wished he had dreamed bigger and he was proud that his son had.