Here for your child's educational needs, remotely or in-person.


Remote or In-Person (price dependent on location): 

$35, $45, or $55

Our private tutoring services can be provided in-person or remotely via video conferences apps like Zoom or Skype. Tutoring services are designed to work with and compliment the curriculum already in place by your student's general school. Prices vary according to the student's perfected instruction method (remote, public in-person, or at-home in-person). Due to the time and resources of commute for in-person instruction at either a single public location (accommodating many individual sessions in one location like a library) or tutoring or various private locations (continual commute to different houses or individualized locations), tutoring service prizes vary.


Here to help teachers or parents teaching their children from home. Price by consultation.

Consult with professional teachers and academics to enhance your course design and goals, focusing on student-centered critical thinking curricula with a cross-disciplinary approach. Our academics can work with STEM as well as Humanities curriculum overhaul, designed to suit both the public and home-school environment.


Remote or In-Person Customized, Comprehensive Instruction.

Price by consultation.

For the student wishing to learn outside the public school system, our teachers are equipped to design and deliver engaging, cross-disciplinary curricula that teaches our student to critically think. With advanced teaching and research experience in the natural and social sciences, mathematics, the arts, and humanities, all our teachers are suited to comprehensively and competently teach any subject expected of your high-school or pre-college student. This service includes not only specifically catered curriculum design and delivery, but also assignment/exam creation and evaluation.


Interested in one of our tutoring, teaching, or consultation services? Please contact us simply by emailing or calling us. 

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